Online Ordering Instructrions.

Please be sure to enter your correct zip code when entering the online service. This is regardless if you are picking up or wanting delivery. If you want delivery, please make sure the address you have on file on the online ordering system, is the address where you want the food delivered. This is located at the end just before you place your order. If you want this food delivered to another location, please call the shop to order.

You have the ability to order from your smart phone. When you get logged in and you get to the first page, there is a Menu Section drop down box. This is where you would find the pages of the items you are wishing to order. Use the arrow on the right to select the menu item you are interested in purchasing. 

Please note that you cannot pay for any food thru the online ordering system. Either call the shop, or make a note on your order to have us call you. 

Please do not put your CC information anywhere in the comments of your order.


We have noticed that you put things like "Please include an extra ranch dressing". You can do that yourself under Extras. This will give you a more accurate price for your food.

To save you money on pizzas, enter each pizza separately. Also, when you get to the second page of pizzas, use the split pizza button to describe what you want if you are splitting the Pizza. Example: Splitting means you want half of your pizza to be just cheese, the other half to be pepperoni and banana peppers. All toppings are available for both sides of a Pizza.  

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