About Us

Our Story

Tommy’s was founded in 2002 by Rick and Paul Tompot. Rick started in the pizza business in 1991 when he was 16 years old delivering for a pizza shop in Medina, Ohio. Over the course of the next 11 years, he worked at eight different pizza shops learning all kinds of different recipes and ways to make pizza and other food. While some guys were going to college to learn their trade, Rick was learning his through experience. Rick LOVES food, and when it came time to start thinking about starting his shop, he chooses only the best ingredients and best ways of operating. 

But Rick needed a partner, so he teamed up with his Dad, Paul to open Tommy’s. They heard about the location at Pearl and Drake and knew that it would be a great location. They had to wait two years for the plaza to be built. Finally it was built and Tommy's was the first business to open in the Plaza. At this location on the south side of town, they could deliver to all of Strongsville and Brunswick giving them an advantage over their competition.

In 2007 Paul was ready to go out on his own, so Rick bought Paul out of his half of Tommy’s and became the sole owner. In the summer of 2015, Rick needed a break from running Tommy’s. Running a pizza shop is a lot of hard work, so he sold the store. The new owner must not have realized how hard the pizza business can be and unfortunately two years later he closed the store. After being closed for three months, Rick reopened Tommy’s partnering with his dad Paul, brother Jimmy, nephew Drew, and son Colton. 

Continuing Our Story

 Tommy’s is once again doing great and is ready to serve you!!!